Praise for Kourosh Dini’s Being Productive


I can’t praise @Kourosh’s Being Productive enough.
Dini’s course takes an approach that lives up to its subtitle, Simple steps to calm focus. This might be expanded to be Simple, yet profound, steps to calm focus. It’s changing my relationship with my work.

Dini’s calm, professional approach is such a nice change from some other productivity/motivational people that come across as frenetic cokeheads,

This past summer, I paid $400 for an online course on focus, and while I derived some benefit from it, it came across as unfinished or lacking in its underlying framework. Dini’s course comes across as well thought out and built on foundational research. This makes sense, as Dini has years of medical and other training that enables him to build this foundation.


Can't Believe I'm Saying this but back to OmniFocus? It’s David’s Fault. :-)