Predictions on when new iMacs are coming out?

What are people’s predictions on when new iMacs are coming out? This year or 2022?

2022 seems to be the consensus. I am so eager for this machine to arrive and hate waiting.

Next year. I’d love to be proven wrong though. I hate the wait too.

So I should just move forward and replace my 2009 iMac then.

Give it a few more months.

It’s in Apple’s best interest to keep the M1 momentum going strong and I think new machines will be announced eminently.

That said, if you have been able to work on an 2009 iMac until now, none of the current M1 Macs will disappoint you for years to come. The 16Gb M1 Mac Mini is a beast and the 24" M1 iMac reviews are all solid.

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Well, there are rumors regarding new Macs coming out in October/November… :grin: