Preferred solution for adding Airplay (2) to existing speakers?

Hey there – does anyone have a preferred hardware dongle solution for adding Airplay 2 to existing speakers? I have a number of high quality older speakers I’d love to use with Airplay, but I feel like products in this space are particularly fraught with bigs and problems. Has anyone had good success with anything?

I used to plug in powered speakers to Apple Airport Express routers and send to them using Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil software. But I had problems with the Express devices after switching to an M1 Mac.

But today I see there is a recent support document seemingly for updates to Apple’s networking hardware that I thought they had abandoned in 2018. Hmmm…

A bit more than a “dongle”, but if these are speakers in need of amplification, the Sonos Amp is a solid and reliable solution.

I use an old AirPort express via Airplay from my Mac Studio into a Denon receiver. Works well for me.

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The Wiim Mini is a pretty nice little puck, with support for Airplay 2, Spotify, and a whole slew of other protocols. The on-board DAC is not very good, so you’ll probably prefer to use the optical out. I’ve had one for a year or so, and it’s been solid.

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I also do this from my Mac, however the problem with this solution is that it doesn’t support airplay 2. Which makes playing multiple devices from your iPhone or iPad impossible.

Yeah, I was replying more to @karlnyhus than to the OP. I know that Karl had recently posted about no longer using Rogue Amoeba tools, so noting that is was possible with just Airplay might be of interest.

But I should have made it clear that this was not an Airplay 2 solution.

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Thanks for thinking about my situation but I’ve got an old Mac Mini on order from OWC that I hope to use as a file server, Time Machine target, and stationery audio hub for playing music while jacked into an old stereo system connected to speakers in two rooms.

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if all else fails: Raspberry Pi Airplay server

Back before the iPod was a thing, I did this with PowerMac G3. I actually painted it black, added an IR receiver to use with a remote, hooked up a XM Radio software controlled receiver, and put it in my AV stack, the TV being the monitor. I also used VNC to control it from my home office Mac. Good times.

I recently looked into this some months ago, to send music to another room. Finding a Raspberry PI proved to be problematic though.