Preorders underway for new version of reMarkable paper-like tablet

reMarkable is taking preorders for the new version of their eInk tablet. Looks like some of the concerns with the previous version have been addressed. Thankfully, it is still distraction-free, and I like the new design.

It looks fantastic, but it’s double what I think it’s worth. Just like one of those simple / stripped down distraction free phones - should cost much less, but otherwise could have began a great movement

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I splurged on the reMarkable 2 a few weeks ago – I am in batch 5, and do not expect delivery until mid-September.

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I am interested in one. But don’t know if I can justify the cost. Would love to use this during hearings and trials for note taking. I use an IPAD Pro right now, but because I use it at night, I often forget to charge it. This would be a dedicated purpose. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Please tell us about it when you get it, especially in your daily use!

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Does anyone have the remarkable 1? How did it work out for you?

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Will definitely do that.

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So, September became late-November as the company struggled with the pandemic and production issues.

Anyway, my reMarkable 2 arrived a few days ago.


Nay. It’s a rather fragile-looking device. Display is smaller than the images on the website. Writing is pleasant and paper-like. Handwriting recognition requires persistent web access and is not as accurate as most iPad-based note taking apps.

Worst aspect is that the display is dark gray and is unusable in anything other than under bright lights. The display readability shown in reMarkable’s advertising is not at all what you get in reality.

A paper tablet and pencil is the best alternative to the reMarkable 2.

I might warm up to this thing eventually – or I might return it. I’ve got a week to decide.