Presentation Remote for iOS

I have the Satechi Presentation Remote that I use for my Mac. It works fine. It technically works with iOS, but it is clunky and the functionality is limited.

I’ve decided I want to buy another remote that is dedicated to iOS use with my iPad (or phone in a pinch). I do not want to use my iPhone as a remote. I want a dedicated clicker that I don’t need to look at. I was thinking about this remote, also from Satechi, but the reviews are not great, and it broke with iOS 11 and it seems to go back and forth about Keynote support.

Does anyone have a tried and true iOS remote that they can trust? In general, I’m fine with presenting from my laptop, but for a true backup solution, I need another clicker for use with the iPad. That way one remote can be paired with the computer and another paired with the iOS and I’ll be able to set up with minimal fuss.


I believe the second one you linked to is the one that @macsparky uses.

Yeah, after I posted this I listened to an old episode where he said he was having trouble. He asked people to update him. @MacSparky have you find a solid ios remote?

Probably not what you’re looking for, but FWIW, the Apple Watch makes for a simple and robust presentation remote with both Keynote and PPT.

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After checking out the links in the MPU links, I ended up going with the Logitech R500 It works with an included dongle (that stores nicely in the unit itself) as well as Bluetooth. I’ve used it in a large auditorium (1500 seats) and it’s reach is quite nice. At least 70’ but perhaps longer. Nice weight to it and it works with both MacOS and iOS.


Yup, I’m using the second one. There are limited buttons there but the only time that could be an issue for me is when playing video. So what I do is split the video at all the points I want to pause and put each clip on a separate slide. Make sense?

Thanks for the recommendation, @jnjbrewer. I sounds like the Logitech R500 is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Do you normally use it with the included dongle, or do you find Bluetooth works just as well? My preference is definitely to use Bluetooth as I have a 2016 MacBook Pro (USB-C).

I was using it with the dongle because the older MacBook Pro (2011ish) I was using it with was a bit finicky with Bluetooth. Newer MacBooks should have no issues.

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Great. Thanks, @jnjbrewer. It’s nice to have the dongle as a backup if Bluetooth isn’t working as expected…and for a quick and convenient way to switch the remote between computers (e.g. if there are multiple presenters sharing the same remote).

That was ages ago. Apple put out an update to iOS 11 back in December or January that fixed the issues with the Satechi Aluminum Wireless Presenter. Mine has been working flawlessly when I use my iPad to make PowerPoint presentations.

Two days ago I purchased the presenter @MacSparky recommended. I was able to pair it with my iPad Pro 10,5", but it doesn’t work correctly with Keynote (on latest iOS and Keynote versions). The forward button always advances two steps instead of one. I contacted Satechi support, but no answer yet :-(. Does anyone have the same problem?

I use the Logitech Spotlight -

It has beautiful build and is nice to hold.

It works with iPad fine but most of the cool features (like a digital pointer) only work on Mac.

Which remote? @MacSparky has used several over the years. I own two Satechki remotes. I keep them paired to my different devices for backup purposes. But using the remotes with iOS has always been sketchy.

The Satechi Aluminum Bluetooth Presenter

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