Presentation remote that works with Google Slides on an iPad

I’m looking for a presentation remote I can use to control a presentation in Google Slides being presented from an iPad. I’ve just been poking around Amazon reviews and comments/reviews seem mixed or negative when it comes to using various remotes in conjunction with the iPad. I would happily use Keynote, and control it with another iOS device, but I often find myself collaborating on talks with people who default to Google Slides, and now I find myself in that situation. Any recommendations?

I just need to click forward/back with slides—no laser or other extra features—using a hand held remote that doesn’t tie me to the iPad itself. (And thus I suppose I’m looking for a remote that connects via bluetooth, although USB would work in conjunction with the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.) Thanks!

This Satechi remote says it works with Google slides, among other presentation apps, as well as the iPad Pro.


Thanks for the recommendation. Looks like it will meet my requirements nicely.

Yeah, I just ordered one myself! :smiley:

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An update: I delivered two presentations using this remote over the past few days and it worked successfully. I also like that it charges with a USB-C cable and it has a physical power switch. Thanks for recommending it @tgara!

Yeah, I just received mine today and I like it a lot. It feels very substantial and the buttons work much better than previous Satechi remotes. I can’t wait to test it out with my law students tomorrow night!