Presentation Tips & Tricks: Hardware, Apps, and Style

I thought it would be fun, and perhaps instructive, to have a thread devoted to presentation tips—hardware, applications, and style or best practices. This arose from this thread.

So…share the hardware, accessories, applications and approaches for giving presentations at the office and when traveling.


My favorite Apple Keynote trick (can’t find it in MS Powerpoint): while I play a slideshow in its own window, I can view my presenter notes, current and upcoming slides in another window. So when projecting my presentation to the audience via Zoom or other conference apps, I only select slides window to project and nobody is gonna see my notes. Super useful feature to me!


My favourite trick has to do with doing a presentation on someone else’s system and I think I picked up on MacPower Users years ago. The fonts on their systems [Windows or Mac] will not necessarily match the fonts you use and may spoil the effect you intended. Here’s the solution:
(1) Put your presentation together in Keynote.
(2) Go File —> Export to Images
(3) Open a new blank Keynote file then either import or drag the images you exported
(4) Either (a) save the Keynote and rename it for use as your presentation or (b) export it as a Powerpoint.
(5) Enjoy!
(6) Pro tip: if this is a presentation that you often use and adapt for presenting to different audiences, then keep the original Keynote file and edit for the individual needs of each audience because the fonts etc on the exported images Keynote cannot be edited.


And this is a brilliant talk with great tips!

I’ve never listened to this guy’s talk, but somehow my slide design (see GIF below) follows some of his tips, such as contrast, dark background, show less text as possible.

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Could you explain a bit more please? I have this issue too, but I am not understanding what you are doing?

As a complement to the other thread, I’m using:

  • My iPhone with Lightning-to-whatever dongles
  • This Satechi remote
  • Keynote (and Power Point for older presentations coming from my Windows days)

Always fun to see people in venues ask “do you have your computer with you?” and to hold my phone and say “yes”. :grin:

First, make sure your Keynote version is updated (at least 11.0, I believe).
Then, make sure you have your presenter notes written down in each slide (View > Show presenter notes).
Lastly, go to the menu bar Play > Play Slideshow in Window; also Play > Show Presenter Display in Window
You should be able to get two windows: one for slideshow and one for presenter notes

-------- (update)
Found a more detailed explanation in Apple Support

Ah! Thanks. Very much appreciated!

My favorite two tips are slides don’t cost anything. It’s ok to put less on then and make more of them. Second, they should supplement not be the primary source of my presentation.

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It has been many years since I read this book, but at the time it was extraordinarily useful for me.

Presentation Zen

You can also customize your Keynote’s Presentation View via “Play>Customize Presenter Display…”. You can change the layout, add elapsed/remaining time or add a clock. Adjust the sizes of the current and previous slides, presenter notes and move around the elements.

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