Presenting setup

I work hybrid with 2/3 days a week in the office and 2/3 days a week at home.

At home I have a Bureau type desk in the corner of our bedroom which can close. I have a Laptop (Dell) and a separate 22” Monitor. On the top of the desk I have a 32” TV which I can connect to the computer via a dock and turn so it’s just above the monitor.

I wish I could go all Apple for work, and had a dedicated office working space at home.

I know, it’s not very Apple focused (my Mac Mini hides behind my monitor on a HDMI switcher) but I’m wondering if anyone else presents regularly from their setup and what window/monitor configuration they use to do so.

I use Teams for work so like to have that on the Monitor below my webcam so it looks like I’m looking at the audience, but I also need my notes on the same monitor so I can reference them while not looking to the side. With the window I share as the presentation/demo on the Laptop.

Today I connected the TV and had the presentation on the TV which gave me some extra real estate, but again, I felt like I was looking away from the audience.

Does anyone else have a presenting setup they are happy to share?

I have a similar, though all-Apple, setup. One tweak is to put the camera on a tripod in front of the monitor so that I can look directly at my notes while speaking and it appears that I am looking directly at the camera in a natural angle. I noticed that lots of people have the camera-above-monitor setup and when they get lost in their notes it appears we’re looking down on them from above, which is a bit weird.


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Presenting in Teams is the one area I actually love. I run on a 4K monitor, so “Share screen/window” looks weird for anyone on smaller monitors, like a laptop, unless you share a 1k window.

Instead of using the share screen or window option, share the PowerPoint file directly. Now you get the “Presenter Mode” to see your speaker notes and access to the strip of all slides at the bottom for quick jumps. You can also keep an eye on the chat and if anyone raises their hand.

Participants only see the current slide and you can move around much more freely wo anyone noticing. I don’t bother too much about looking into the camera while displaying slides, only when I’m full-screen mode.

There’s an option to allow/disallow participants to navigate the deck privately too - useful in a few cases, but I mostly keep it off.