Preserving battery health of a secondary Apple Watch?

Like many others out there, I received a new Apple Watch for Christmas. While I’m super excited about it (it’s an Ultra!), I’d like to keep my trusty space black Series 4 as a backup watch and for occasions where the Ultra would be a bit bulky and/or overly flashy (I really like—and will miss—the black SS S4’s very clean and minimalist/monolithic aesthetic).

My question is: If I’m not going to be using the S4 very often, what’s the best way to keep the battery healthy? Keep it on a charger (e.g., as a clock) until needed? Drain to ~50% and power off? Something else? (Note: I’ve had it since the S4 was the latest, so it’s a few years old and has a battery health of 80% now.)

Nice gift! I currently have a watch I keep one on a charger most of the time. My experience has been that if you almost never move it, optimized charging will keep the battery around 80% most of the time. If you use the watch regularly, but unpredictably or for short time periods, it’ll keep the watch at 100% a lot more often.

If you want to approximate a daily cycle, just bump the watch off the charger when you wake up and re-attach it when you go to bed. If you miss a few days, no problem.

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I did something similar: one watch (usually the previous years model) for sleep tracking and a newer model would be my daytime watch. About 90 minutes before bed, I’d put the sleep watch on the charger and charge it to max before swapping watches for the night. Usually there would be enough charge left on the sleep watch to get it through the day until the next charging session.