Preview on iPad - Disappearing Annotations

Anyone else finding, when annotating PDFs using Preview on the iPad that the annotations occasionally aren’t saved? I have the files stored on iCloud, but not open on any other device.

It’s mostly reliable, but occasionally when I exit the PDF it simply fails to acknowledge any changes have been made and going back into the PDF the most recent annotations are missing (but previous ones, done in the same way, are there.) Usually going in and redoing the annotations (highlights and margin notes) works. There’s no errors.

I have access to Highlights, which is reliable, but that does not work with PDFs that don’t have a (good) text layer and doesn’t allow handwritten annotations (as far as I can see).

Yes! I have this issue. The best suggestion I have had is that I need to go out of “edit mode” before I close the PDF down, and that makes sure it saves. Haven’t had the issue since, but don’t know if that is just luck.

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I confess to being confused. Are you referring to reading a .pdf on iOS with the Preview app? I don’t think there is an iOS version of Preview.

I have found in terms of annotating .pdfs with Preview on macOS to read on iOS or to send to somone not on a Mac, Ii need to not just Save the file with my annotations, I need to Export it as a .pdf file.

Have this problem as well. Did not save half of my notes from a lecture the other day, pulling the trigger on GoodNotes in about 30 seconds after I finish this post :slight_smile:

I assume @nationalinterest is referring to the Quick Look/Annotation view in the Files app.

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Sorry for the confusion. Yes, I meant the annotation view when you open a PDF from Files on the iPad.

It works brilliantly… until it doesn’t.