Preview Signature Feature

Hey all,

I’m w/o an iPad temporarily and needed to sign a PDF that didn’t have a signature form. I clicked the little Apple Pencil icon and there was a little signature looking button, which instructed me to sign a white piece of paper and hold it up to my webcam. I did and it make the perfect little signature to be placed on the file. Also, it seems I can reuse it in other files, too.

I didn’t realize Preview could do this, so I share in case it proves convenient for you as well.


It’s really a nice feature, @beck!

Yet another nice thing about it is that, when saved, signatures added this way are flattened into the document and may not be modified or deleted on subsequente openings from you or other people.

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It also syncs across devices as well, as I did this years ago, and it’s still present on all the Mac’s that I’ve used since - including ones setup fresh, rather than backups.


I love this feature. I have full signature, first name only, and initials. Like @drezha, I set them up years ago and they are magically available on all my devices.

I love the feature, too. I set up a Keyboard Maestro macro to make that lower toolbar appear automatically, since I always use it. I also set up a variation on David’s double “Command-P” trick (used to save as PDF), but mine saves to Yoink. So my secretary sends me an email with something attached that I need to sign. I double click the PDF, attack my signature, and then Command-P, Command-Y, and the signed PDF is on my floating Yoink window, for me to drop into a reply. As I type this, I’m thinking I could probably automate this further to automatically create the reply and attach the signed version.

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