Print image across multiple pages?

I am looking for a method (or app) to print an image across multiple pages. I have several maps that need to be printed in a larger format – for example across a 3x2 grid of standard letter-size pages.

I know that Adobe Acrobat / Acrobat Reader can do this, but I’ve scraped that thing off my laptop for the last time and do not want it around.

Any suggestions?


Curio from www.zengobi. Import the image to an idea space. Size as you desire across pages.



Another method that I use if I want to do it quick and dirty;

  • Open the file in Preview.
  • Mark the area that you want to have on one page.
  • Press CMD+K (ie “Crop”).
  • Print.
  • Undo, and you will now have the entire file visible again, move your mark to the next area, crop and print and undo.
  • …and so forth…


Edit: I realize that the marked selection is lost when undoing, and I don’t know how to save the selection boundaries in Preview. When I have done this I splitted the file in two, making it easy.

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Excellent idea. It works! Thank you, Doc.


Have you tried adding the image to Numbers?
Delete the starting spreadsheet first and add the image. The print screen will then divide the image into pages for you and you can adjust the scale until you have the number of pages you want to spread it across.


Now that’s a cool idea!

It seems that Numbers limits the scaling to 175%, so that at best I can get the image I am working to print on most of the first page and portions of three other pages. And, unlike Curio, I cannot eliminate margins in Numbers.


Hi Katie,
I tried it with a photo before my last post. I had set it to original size which made it way bigger than the screen. When I used the print scaling, it was to make it smaller and reduce the number of pages already presented.

I thought it would be a quick idea, using a tool you, most likely, already have :slight_smile:


Yes margins would still be there.

If this is something that you just need to do once, you could install the trial of Affinity Photo 2. It has a Tile option for printing.

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