Print out multiple Notes?

A therapist I know has been using Notes on her iPhone to keep client notes. (Probably not HIPAA compliant but that’s a different issue.) She wants to print them out in hard copy and another neighbor is wanting to help. I got the call - " How can I print them from the iCloud?" You can’t I said. Not designed for that.

From a Mac: Is there a way to print out a folder’s worth of notes? When I googled I found others asking same question. Only one note at a time. Maybe there’s an app? OR how could this be done? Anyone?

Seems like something that should be doable on iOS using Shortcuts and AirPrint.

You can print individual notes, but not folders.

To my surprise, I could not print even individual notes from Notes-on-iCloud; at least I was unable to do so from Chrome.

Yeah - but she’s wanting to offload the print job to someone else who has her access to the icloud.

A third-party accessing her non-HIPAA-compliant client notes? (sigh)

As long as the files don’t contain graphics I think the best option is to try to mass export the files then print from another app. I did a quick search and discovered this app which is supposed to export all Notes files to txt, but the app is from 2015 so I’m not positive how well (or if) it works with the current Notes:

Also, Notebooks app (available for Mac and iOS), which I own, is supposed to be able to do a full Notes import but I never tried it. Here’s the info for using the iOS app: