Print several photos on one sheet


What is the easiest way to print multiple photos from iOS on an HP Laser Colour Jet?

I would imagine, that is an easy task, but it does not seem to be? My Mum wants to print these, so it should not include complicated workflows - preferably an app which is making it easy.



When I read your post, I thought “contact sheet”, that led me to this.

I used to print these back in the film days and never knew this feature was in Photos until today :grinning:

Looks Interesting. Most important: I don’t think it works on iOS and as it saves the contact sheet, I can imagine that the quality will be much lower.

I missed “IOS”. Sorry, haven’t had my morning coffee.

Import the photos to a Pages document, edit sizes, and print.

There is this great little app called “Print to Size” for the iPad. You can put several photos onto one sheet. You determine the sizes. You can have different sizes just so long as they all fit. It is a great way to avoid wasting expensive photo paper. If you find a similar app for the Mac, let me know.

In theory this should be possible with a very simple shortcut that is them made available via share sheet. I built a quick one like in the screenshot attached (sorry for German language) - however I can’t seem to get it to work properly. The last step which opens the print dialogue always only shows a blank page despite a preview action right before showing a nice grid with the selected images.
Not sure where I made a mistake here but maybe this could be a starting point?

Looks very nice - like it. Definitely an option I will use when I am looking to resize / arrange photos.
Thanks a lot

Probably a reason to start looking into shortcuts again? Tried it some time ago and decided - interesting - but what for will I use it?

Thanks for letting me know.

I found another one. Photo sheet for the Mac. $7. You work within their confines but I like it ok. Just bought it.