Print to pdf from citrix workspace to mac

I have been using an app called “pdf printer” to get records from our hospital app, Epic, accessed through citrix, to my mac so I can fax it without having to generate a lot of paper (which is hard to get rid of because it is somebody’s medical records). It worked well briefly, but now keeps saying the printer can’t be found. I don’t see any similar programs in the app store. Any suggestions?

I just went through this yesterday. First, you might be able to get your existing virtual printer to work in Citrix again if you restart the computer–we had to take this step.

To install the virtual printer, we used VipRiser App

It’s not digitally signed so you’ll have to open the .dmg file by right-clicking it in finder, hitting open and approving it. It’ll install the virtual printer when you run it, and then you’ll probably need to restart to be able to print to it in your application.

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