Print to PDF scaled

How can I scale webpages and articles to fill the width of the pdf page? In Safari and Chrome, I can scale to 50%, however then it leaves the right side of the page blank.

I’d like to scale down and still use the full width of the page.

You’re asking if you can reformat the page and reflow text, not scale.

I don’t believe you can do so unless you use a Custom Style Sheet (CSS), which is easily googleable.

Some examples of plugins that do CSS for you are extensions that reformat for text-only (like Safari’s Reader View, or the Just Read, Stylebot) or User CSS extensions for Chrome.

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I really like the Print Friendly bookmarklet, as it is quite powerful and will not only reformat things, it will let you delete elements that you do not want to print.

(It works a bit better on a Mac than iOS, in my experience, FWIW.)


Thanks I’ll check it out