Printers and VPN

No matter how many times I print to my local printer, and it doesn’t work because I’m on my work VPN, I never remember.

Does anybody have a thing they use to hide their local printer when they are on VPN?
or maybe rename the local printer to be something like “won’t work, you are on VPN” instead of “Brother 2360” while you are on VPN?

this make me feel so dumb, and I print so seldom I just can’t remember.

If somebody had s super clever solution that let me actually AirPrint to my Brother printer while I was on the VPN that would be even cooler.

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Have you ever considered putting the VPN on your router? Express VPN allows me to do this and I have no problems.

@Mpufan, many corporate VPNs typically only allow activation from a computer. They will regularly kick you out after a certain amount of time being inactive and if you have other family members in the home, you’d be allowing unapproved people potential access to confidential data.

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I have no clever solution for you, but some corporate VPNs have a feature that allows access to your local network. Another option might be to use a split tunnel if your IT department allows it. Either of those should let you print locally even when your VPN is active.

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Have you tried Printopia? I have no idea if it would work, but it’s worth downloading the demo and seeing if it did.

Do you use ⌘P for printing? If so you could bind it to a Keyboard Maestro macro that says “Are you on your VPN right now?”

I can’t control some of my smart devices when I was using a VPN and it always stumped me. I didn’t even realize that was the reason for ages, and it took me forever to figure it out.


Well, no answer for me, but it is comforting that other people have the problem.