Printing from OmniFocus kind of sucks

OmniFocus is a great app, but trying to print from it is surprisingly limited and poor. There seems to be very little that can be done to select the fields to be printed and the printing format. (Yes, I know there is a hidden html template that you can edit to change the printing output, and you could even eliminate some printed fields by changing the associated css to make them invisible, but this is hardly a simply or efficient process or one that lends itself to the general user.)

All I really want to do is create list of tasks by tagging all of them with a specific tag, puling up a perspective that shows only such tagged tasks, and printing it in a legible and yet compact format that can be easily printed onto one side of sheet of paper for a working task list each day.

As far as I can tell this is just not possible. The default printing format from this perspective is tiny text with large spaces between items, putting a page of tasks onto four printed pages with the tag displayed unnecessarily because there is no way to select what fields are to go into the printout.

My solution so far is to export the perspective in “text” format which gives a Taskpaper type file which I can then process at the command line to remove the extra cruft (eg tags and contexts) that I don’t need.

Does anyone have a better idea? I could use AppleScript to grab the needed tasks and output them to a text file as well, but that is hardly a more efficient solution.