Printing on Mac entire web page

How do I print an entire web page that goes beyond the screen on my MacBook Pro? Is there an ‘app for that?’

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Take a screenshot (CMD+SHIFT+4) and then up top you will see option for “Full page”. Just do that, hit done and it will save a PDF for you.

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In addition to @HellsKitchenDweller suggestion, for that web page in the browser, execute the Print command and show the “details” if not on the screen, then “zoom” to whatever size works. I would then normally press the PDF button at the bottom of the dialog box and “open in Preview” to see if it does what I want. If yes, then print to paper.

To be honest, any particular reason the page overflowing so much in the browser? That unusual. Normally the browser better at controlling that. Maybe use the “zoom out” menu option (in View Menu in Safari) to see if that helps before printing or when you are trying to read it.

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Is this a feature of more recent OSs? When I type (CMD_SHIFT_4) I get a little cross-hair that is going to allow me to define a rectangular area to screen shot. This has been true for a very long time. I do not even know where “up top” would be to look for some “Full Page” option

I’ve been using that screenshot keyboard command for years and have never seen what you suggest…

I messed up…so used to using iPad Pro, had mental block.

Does the normal print menu option not work?

Thank y’all very much. Is anyone familiar with “Snagit?” I know it is powerful and do not mind buying it. Just don’t know if it will help me. Again, everyone is so kind here. What a refreshing place to be!

I used SnagIt for years on Windows as the clipboard features were lacking in those early days. I find on the Mac can do everything I want without buying much extra stuff.

Remember there is a program provided already on your Mac … in ~/Applications/Utilities check out “”. That’s what i use routinely (for as long as it was made available and I cannot remember when that was … so long ago). Maybe it’s 3rd party, but that not my recollection.

I agree with @rms that macOS screenshot features do pretty much what most people need – including Screenshot, which is an Apple utility packaged with the OS. I do, however, have SnagIT because it has many options to configure how image and video screenshots are made, the panoramic mode that can be used to screenshot sections of a screen that extend more than the current view, as well as features to mark up screenshots, and convert video grabs into GIFs. I find that latter helpful for explaining a feature of an app or a bug, when corresponding with developers. SnagIT can also be used to create tutorials – somewhat like what Clarify used to do. TechSmith has a trial for SnagIt.

Thank you ALL so very much. This forum and the people that make it up are absolutely amazing. Fred