Printing Presenter notes in Keynote

I’m working with a colleague who likes to have her presenter notes printed to a pdf before presentations. In PowerPoint, it’s possible to reduce the size of the slide to leave plenty of room for the presenter’s notes. But in Keynote it doesn’t seem like there are any options to reduce the slide. It takes up 1/2 of the page and long presenter notes often run onto another page. Are there some adjustments or options I’m missing somewhere? Thanks.

Go to Play → Customize Presenter Display, hit the Customize Presenter Display Button and then you can drag the slide to resize it.

Go to File | Print
Turn on Add notes
Change the number of slides per page to whatever you like
Optionally turn on Add rule lines for taking notes.

Thanks. Are you using the “slide” or “handout” printing option?

“Slide” gives me one image per page, but it takes up 1/2 the page
“Handout” gives me the smaller image I’m looking for, but it doesn’t use the entire page for the presenter notes. In both landscape and vertical print to pdf the presenter notes are only using part of the page and there is a ton of wasted white space