Printing problems from iOS 12 on ipad

Has anyone else had problems printing via WiFi, since they updated tp iOS 12?

I have a brother MFC- L5800 DW printer. Since I’ve updated my iPad to iOS 12, I’ve had problems printing from my iPad.
Unfortunately, you can not reinstall the printer driver like you can from MacOS, nor switch from air print to google print, as on MacOS.

When I click print, the printer wakes up, shows receiving data, but never starts printing. I can print the same web page from my Mac, without problem.

I use a HP OfficeJet. I have not noticed any issues so far.

Does printing work from other apps?

I haven’t found any other apps that let me print

You can print from any app that enables you to use the share sheet.

If you do not see the print icon in the share sheet it might be hidden. Then you have to add it back to the share sheet.

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Have you tried using the Brother app? Brother iPrint&Scan

Sharing the PDF to there should let you print, and if it doesn’t you know it’s a problem between your device and the printer vs between AirPrint and the printer.

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