Printing problems

My 2017 iMac just stopped talking to my HP 8620 (2014). I recently upgraded to Monterey and it was working fine before. Any ideas? The test page printed out just fine but I cannot print from any application on the computer.

When you say to can’t print, what do you mean? Do you get an error? Does the print job just disappear into the ether? Something else?

First thing I would do is go online and load a current ‘driver’ from HP. Almost for sure what you need.

I have to use HP Smart to get mine working.

Have you tried to reset the printer system?

Tried all the above. HP Smart, etc. Would say it was connected but not print. Then suddenly, every light started flashing on the front with a message to shut down and start up again (the printer). I had done this about 30 minutes later. Magically, it printed after that.
Very bizarre.