Printopia-like feature for Mac-Mac file transfer

I’ve just started using the Printopia trial on iOS/iPadOS. I like the “print to Mac” feature very much, when I want to send (not actually print) a picture or other file from my iPhone/iPad to my Mac.

I am looking for a similar feature that allows me to send files from my (dying) MacBook Pro to my MacMini. Is there a way I can send files from Mac to Mac with 1/2 clicks just like Printopia send files from iOS to MacOS?

Windows has the same capability, called SendTo, which works with just two clicks.


Does AirDrop not work?


Never tried it. I usually keep Bluetooth turned off on both machines.

Just turn on file sharing. You can open folders on the other machine and just drag and drop, just like copying to and from a local external drive.


I’d recommend at least trying AirDrop first. It is kind of amazing how fast it can be.


It’s not speed that I’m after, just the simplicity. Right-click send. POOF!