Priority organization software

Over time, I either think about or gather ideas in a certain area. For example, right now, I want to go through my tons of ideas on how to market my podcast/newsletter.

The problem I have is prioritizing. Generally, most of the ideas sit in Omnifocus or Ulysses. (Yes, I know that OF is not the best place to have them but I haven’t yet figured out an easier way for me to gather the ideas.)

Anyway, I want to take some time going through them and then prioritizing them. Does anyone have a MacOS application that they use to do this? I’m not necessarily in need of helping me figure out the priority but more the actual moving items around into an order that I can work from going forward.

In case it’s relevant, I do use Setapp.



Trello! They have a zillion templates already available. Sounds like you could use something like an editorial calendar template. (Other kanban services/apps include Mesitertask [which I like a lot] and kanbanboard, but Trello is the best known.)

You may want to consider using a mind map application like MindNode. I use mind maps for my high level thinking and prioritizing and then link to my project management system.

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+1 for MindNode if mind maps work for you. Priority assignments can be set through tags, then use Highlight-mode to select which tags to focus on.

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Thanks, @bowline. Even though this doesn’t seem like it would work for me, I looked at the links you sent just to make sure. There’s a lot I don’t know about a lot of things. Trello was actually one thing that I thought about when I was posting my question.

It’s weird, for some reason, I’ve never been able to grasp Trello the way others do. I do use Omnifocus templates for project calendaring which works pretty well for me.

I am looking for something I believe is simpler. The following two messages talk about Mindnode which I’m going to look into.

But as always, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Always valuable (except when you post about deals that I need to stay away from or I would go broke).

Thanks @airwhale and @Bmosbacker. I dabble in Mindnode infrequently but have never really sat down with it. I’ve certainly never looked at tags and getting things into Omnifocus which is where I would ultimately like my priority lists to get into.

MindNode can do all of those things and I find it better visually than Trello but one is not limited to a vertical view.

Have you considered going analog for this project? I am all digital, almost all the time. I would use Mindnode for this sort of thing, but occasionally I hit a project with a lot of moving pieces and I bust out index cards. One thought/task per card, group the cards, define the project on a separate cards, prioritize the project cards. Then move them into digital. Your term “priority organization” made me think of it.

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Although not designed for this purpose, Scrivener’s index card tool can do this will and one would not have to retype anything. Just a thought.

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It’s funny. In the last 4 months, I felt an urge to do some analog things. I actually created a Mindnode that showed me what I wanted to work on for the first two months of the year. It was very basic with no deadlines. But I printed it out and kept it on my desk. I referred to it constantly. Some of the things I expanded into an OF project but it was nice to have a hard copy that I could cross off.

For this, I thought about using post it notes or index cards and still may but i’m much faster typing on my laptop. But I can definitely see me printing out the end result and having it always in my face.

Correction, In Scrivener, the cards are called the cork board. Here is a short video. Note, jump to 1:38 sec mark.