Private Email - iOS 15

I turned on the private email feature in iOS 15 last night, which means that I won’t get tracked when I open an email.

But none of my emails today have images in them, they’re all removed. Even logos are removed and instead has “Logo” written. So where an advertisement would be it just says “Advertisement” and no image.

Is this really the trade-off with the private email feature? That no emails have images anymore?

Yes, calling the URL of an image is a method of tracking. So basically anything that was not delivered as part of the email body will not be downloaded and hence not displayed.

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Thinking about turning it off then as I sort of enjoy thumbnails in my emails…

This is one of the reasons why I don’t mind how gmail does images.

from: Turn images on or off in Gmail - Computer - Gmail Help

How Gmail helps make images safe

Google scans images for signs of suspicious content before you receive them.

These scans make images safer because:

  • Senders can’t use image loading to get information about your computer or location.
  • Senders can’t use the image to set or read cookies in your browser.
  • Gmail checks the images for known harmful software.

Sometimes, senders may know whether you’ve opened an email that has an image. Gmail scans every message for suspicious content. If Gmail thinks a sender or message is suspicious, images aren’t shown and you’ll be asked if you want to see the images.


I don’t think that’s the correct solution you’ve accepted, as my reading of it (and experience so far) is that images should still be seen. I’ve enabled it this morning on my devices and I’ve had no issues, so I think you’ve hit a bug.

If you read the help in the settings, the images are downloaded on Apple’s servers and then fed back to you, rather than downloading direct to the device - similar I guess to the iCloud Relay.

From looking, this appears to replace the setting to prevent remote images being downloaded, which was in place before hand.

Alright. I think you’re right. I think the culprit here is Blocker then which probably has the same feature as is now built-in into iOS. I need to just investigate that

Gmail and privacy are mutually exclusive.

I think Apple’s solutions are designed to cripple those operating practices.

Why would Google scan your email?
To read your content, and connect to your ads profile, the images “protection” is nice, but your privcy/security has already been compromised… by Google