Pro Tip: Adding Pronunciation To Contacts


I would just like to point out you can add custom pronunciation and phonetic spellings of your contacts in iOS by going to a contact, clicking edit, and going to add a field. I hope this helps you all out, as I found out about it today.



There’s another way too:

  • Ask Siri ‘how do you pronounce Person Name’
  • She will open the contact and say the name
  • Tell Siri, ‘that’s not how you pronounce it’
  • Siri will ask you how you pronounce the first name, then give you options, repeating the procedure for the last name.

That’s true. I did use that method originally, but I found it would sometimes glitch out for me.

Really :face_with_raised_eyebrow::smirk:

Cool tip…

But my issue is when using Siri dictation as it always misspells my son‘s name and I have to go back and correct everything. I’ve attached an example here.

After setting the phonetic/pronunciation first name in Contacts, make sure Siri is enabled, and then go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Turn off Dictation, and then turn it back on again to force the new name customization to be picked up.

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Awesome that’s fixed it. It now understands that whenever I say Reuben I expect it to know how it is correctly spelt.

Look it worked – yay