Problem moving desktop files in Monterey with interactive corners


I was used to be able to drag/move/edit etc. files on my desktop when I used interactive corners in Monterey. I have “desktop option” set as my bottom left corner and from there I was used to drag files from the desktop in email for instance. When I was typing a mail and I needed to add a file from my desktop to the email, I would go to the bottom left corner and select the file on the desktop and then drag it it to the top right corner and the email open windows pop up again (“mission control option”), and I could add the file to the mail. However it appears in Monterey that my desktop files are “locked” when doing so via interactive corners. I used this workflow at least 30 times a day or so… this is so frustrating.

I hope I explained the issue clearly. Would love to here if I can fix this or if there is a better workflow…

Best, Maarten

Is your Hot Corners set up in Monterey something like this:

I don’t find that the files on the Desktop are locked – or at least not by using the Hot Corners. When you say “locked”, do you mean you cannot drag them off of the desktop?

Perhaps a different approach would be to use a shelf app, like Yoink. Or, maybe from the desktop drag the file to the Mail icon in the dock and drop it onto the message there.


Thanks for your reply! Yes, almost the same as your set-up. Yes, I cannot drag and drop them, or select them… I cannot even right click on the desktop… it just doesn’t respond. I have no clue what to do… It looks like a bug or that some other setting/app is blocking it. Very strange…