Problem using MS apps on iPad running iPadOS 15 beta

Is anyone else having problems using Microsoft Office apps on the iPadOS 15 beta?
They were fine until today and now when I try to open OneNote, Word etc the app crashes immediately.
Is it a me problem or a Microsoft problem?
Any suggestions for fixing the issue.
Nothing changed on a hard reset.

Are you running the release candidate that just appeared today? I have read a few posts elsewhere on the Internet that people are having the same problem as you, only since this latest beta/RC. If I find out anything else I will post here.

Yes, the latest release.

So it might not be me. That is a relief!

Any news would be great. Thank you.

There is a reddit discussion here that might be worth monitoring.

There are updates available today for the Office apps to resolve this issue!

About time too!

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