Problem with Aukey Bluetooth car receiver attached to iPhone 10s

I have an Aukey Bluetooth receiver hooked up to my car. It has a line that connects to the AUX jack and a line that attaches to a car charger for power. It then provides my car with Bluetooth connectivity. Since I got my iPhone 10s, it randomly and often starts changing volume, usually up, just like I am pushing the volume up button on the phone. Even when the phone’s volume is turned all the way up, the phone tries to increase the volume. Every time the phone tries to change volume, it beeps in a loud, obnoxious way. I guess it’s just the normal notification that the phone volume is being adjusted, but when it happens multiple times per minute, it is unbearable. I even purchased a new Aukey Bluetooth receiver system, since I had had the old one for several years, but I am having the same problem with the new one as well. Has anyone else run across this problem? Any suggestions for a fix? Thank you!

Have a similar setup with an Xr (was very sad when I realised my phone was no longer compatible with my car!!! Thank aukey for this little Bluetooth lifesaver!), but haven’t encountered this. Dumb question, but do you have a case or holder that is pinching the the volume up button. I wonder, it seems to make the beep each time the volume goes up drastically, as a hearing protection thing. Do you have any audio playing while it is connected? Or do you just have driving directions cutting in every so often. It maybe does the hearing protection thing (obnoxious beeps) if there is no over audio then ‘suddenly’ driving directions appear.

Hope there’s a solution for you!

Thanks for your response. I don’t have a case on it, so that’s not it. The only thing I really listen to in the car is podcasts on Overcast. I wonder if the problem could be Overcast? I’m not sure an app could control the volume like that, though. The fact that it happens with both Aukey receivers made me think it was a hardware issue, but maybe it’s software after all.