Problem with basic Omnifocus shortcut

Before upgrading to iOS 14, my most used shortcut was simply to create a new task in Omnifocus, in “Single Projects” and then show the Today perspective, 2 steps.

After upgrading, this works fine on my iPad (and love the new date picker calendar). BUT- on my iPhone, after typing in the new item, I then tap on the date to pick a defer date, and it freezes for about 5 seconds and then crashes (goes back to main iPhone home screen). If I instead tap on something else, such as to “repick” the Single Projects project, and then tap on date, it does NOT crash.

I’ve tried rebuilding the shortcut and no change. I’ve gone thru David’s Shortcuts course, but not finding anything obvious. Anyone else seeing this bug? Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks!

Can you share the Shortcut?

I’ve seen this happen in other shortcuts. What worked for me is I recreated the step it crashed at in shortcuts on the device where it happened.

Sure, here’s link to the shortcut… again, issue is just on iPhone… enter some text for Item, then click on date picker. Still freezes.Omni Task shortcut

Works perfectly on my iPad and iPhone. So don’t know what happened here…

Just to confirm, are you on 14.0.1?

So I tried just totally deleting everything, and created a super simple shortcut, just “New Action” in Omnifocus. If I create it on iPhone, it syncs right over to iPad. However, again, after entering name of task, and tap on Defer date, on iPad, date picker comes right up… on iPhone, it freezes a few seconds, and back to main home screen.

Same thing if I create it on iPad first (syncs right over to iPhone, but iPhone shortcut not working).

I know this is odd… any thoughts most appreciated!

One thing I could think of is re-syncing your iPhone OF database?

And if that doesn’t help put the question to Omni support?

Works fine on my iPhone.

Thanks all… will contact OF, but found a work around for now… Interestingly, the shortcut appears to have changed some, ?related to OS 14 change in shortcuts?.. Previously, there was an “Edit in OmniFocus” button available in shortcut (on “show more”)… that is no longer available, so instead of entering the new task directly in OF screen, I have to enter it in dedicated initial text field, then “show” OF.

So this DID turn out to be a bug, which was fixed with latest OF update (using large font size caused the issue).