Problem with MailSuite

I’ve installed Mojave and SmallCubed’s “Mail Suite,” comprised of MailTags, Mail Act-on, and two other modules. As soon as I enable MailTags, Mail’s CPU use goes crazy, basically taking all the CPU it can get and leaving the meter pegged at maximum. I thought perhaps there might be some preliminary indexing of tags going on, so I left it running overnight, but 8 hours later it was still gobbling up all the CPU time it could get. The Mail app becomes so slow that I often had to wait close to a minute to open a menu, any menu. Basically unusable. I’ve had to disable Tags. However, the last time I turned MailTags on to try something, and then went to disable it, MailSuite crashed. Several times. I was unable to disable MailTags, and was forced to quit MailSuite entirely. I’ve reported the problem, but the reply so far was just to say they’ve been inundated with support questions and will be taking some time to get back to me.

I’m wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem to mine? Anyone find any relief?

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I spoke to soon in a different thread - but I’m seeing this.
Only difference is I am still on HS, not wanting to upgrade to Mojave just yet. is not slowing down for me just yet, but CPU usage is through the roof. Have iStatMenus installed, so will keep an eye on things during the course of the day…

They did caution it is still in Beta, so guess things will improve going forward.

I am having all sorts of troubles with MailSuite. I’ve upgraded to Mojave. Problems include: (i) I can’t enter my license and am getting countdown to 60 day expiration of my trial to (ii) lots of buggy behavior when attempting to add tags; (iii) mail does not seem to be working properly. I’m getting close to giving up.

I, too, had trouble with the Beta while still running HS. Mail would not even launch after installation. I removed and figured out how to get MailTags and MailActOn to work again. I won’t try that again until it’s out of beta.