Problem with Photos Library

I have a MacBook Pro M1 / Ventura and two photo libraries on an external hard disk, one being 40 GB and the other 75 GB in size. However, when I attempt to open them with Photos, I encounter the following error message for both libraries: “The operation couldn’t be completed. (PHPhotosErrorDomain error 4302.)”
In an attempt to resolve this issue, I initiated Photos in repair mode. The process progresses smoothly until it reaches 99%, at which point it halts with the spinning wheel. I’ve tried multiple repair attempts, yet they all yield the same outcome.
Considering the possibility of a corrupted hard disk, I transferred the libraries to a completely new external hard drive. To my dismay, I encountered the exact same result.
Here on the forum, I found this thread, but it didn’t do not really offer any help and is about three years old. Anything you on this matter since then?
I would greatly appreciate any assistance in identifying the problem and finding a solution. Thank you in advance for your help!
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How is the external hard drive formatted? This error appears to be linked to a Photos library being on an external drive that isn’t formatted as APFS for MacOS Extended Journaled. If neither external disk is formatted in one of these formats, I suggest you format the new external disk (using Disk Utility) as APFS then copy set the “ignore ownership” flag:

Click on drive (or partition) icon in Finder
Open the Get Info dialog
At the bottom, click lock and enter password
Put a check into “ignore ownership on this volume” in sharing and permissions

Then copy the libraries to this drive and try to open them again.

I agree with @Rhet_Turnbull. I also keep my Photos library on an external SSD which works flawlessly. It is formatted APFS.

Both the external discs I have tried so far are formatted as APFS.

At the moment, I cannot check how the flag is set because I just lost my display on my MacBook Pro.:confounded::tired_face: Could only this cause the problem?

It’s possible if the library was copied with the wrong permissions but if both volumes are already formatted as APFS I suspect there’s some corruption of the Photos database. I’d first try to set the ignore ownership flag. If that doesn’t work, I can provide some ideas for how to get all the photos out of the library and start over with a fresh library.

Thank you! :pray: I will attempt to follow your instructions today. Unfortunately, I am facing a slight challenge as my MacBook Pro no longer has a functioning display.:confounded: However, I will endeavor to find a solution and will inform you about the outcome.

As you see on the screenshot, the disk should be set to ignore ownership. Or am I wrong here? If I’m right, I am definitely stuck.
:weary: Per

That looks right. I assume you’re still having trouble reading the library off that disk?