Problem with Time Machine

My Time Machine backup starts normally and then freezes at a certain stage. It remains on the same number of saved bytes indefinitely.
Has anyone had the same problem?
Thank you

Think I’ve seen mine get stuck maybe once or twice, think it completed ok on the next run though.

Are you backing up to a USB drive (directly attached / via an adapter or dock) or over the network?

Has the issue persisted after reboots etc.?

How full is the destination?

Do you have large files?

Sometimes when TM is misbehaving, going into preferences, Add/Remove disk, and then reselecting the drive from the “Available Disks” section (not the Backup Disks listed at the top), and then telling it to use the existing backup will fix the error without losing the backup. That said, I’ve occasionally just had to nuke the old back and start over (which I don’t mind since I have redundant TM backups and clones). I think TM is just getting old and creaky and really needs some love from Apple.


Thanks, i will try that. :smiley:

But do you know of an integrated disk backup program to an external disk that backs up ICloud files?

In regards to time machine programs, I would check out a copy of pondini’s site

As far as backups to an external drive, I personally use arq backup v5.

You could try the free Time Machine Mechanic from the Electric Light Company to see if it highlights any issues.

As far as other programs I’d look at Carbon Copy Cloner or Chronosync.

Thank you for your reply. If I understand correctly, Carbon copy also saves Icloud?

As long as you have all of your iCloud data stored locally on your Mac, then yes. If you are using macOS’s optimized storage where not all data is downloaded locally, then no. CCC will create a bootable exact copy of your Mac’s hard drive (which would include the local iCloud directory) or you can use it to copy certain directories where you would configure that yourself, similar to Chronosync. I believe all your iCloud data would be in Library > Mobile Documents > iCloud Drive.

thank you so much for your help :grinning:

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