Problem with Trash?

Recently I’ve noticed that when I delete a file and go to Trash to “Put Back” the file I get a message saying, “‘File name’ doesn’t exist anymore.” I AM ABLE to drag it back out and that works fine.

Has anyone experienced this?

Any chance you’ve removed the folder that originally contained the item? In that case it would say 'directory name' doesn't exist anymore, but they could have similar names.

No, it was a file on the desktop.

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Yes, I have experienced the same on several occasions. I have no solution and I have no idea what is causing this kind of behavior.

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Well at least I know it’s not just me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Something to add: It does not happen often that I try to “put back” a file that I deleted before. So, I did not think much about it.

I did some debugging now: I am able to “put back” EVERY file that was NOT stored on my desktop before its deletion. I do not have the problem with files in other locations.

I am using the option that my Desktop and my Documents are located on the iCloud Drive:

The next thing for debugging this issue was to check if I had the same problem with files that were stored within my Documents folder (in iCloud). I expected the issue to persist there, which could have been an indication that our beloved iCloud sync is the issue. But… I have no issues to put back deleted files that were located in the Documents folder.

For me, “Put Back” does not work only if the deleted file was stored on the Desktop before the deletion. It always had been working until it eventually stopped working. I am not sure if a MacOS update brought the “change”.


Interesting, that is exactly my situation.

I have experienced this issue as well. It is rare for me to need to “put back” any deleted files, but a few months ago I did and had the exact same experience as described. The two files had been on the desktop before moving to the trash, I could not “put back” the files, but I could restore them by dragging them out of the trash. And the error message “‘File name’ doesn’t exist anymore” sounds familiar as well.