Problems syncing photos - some do not sync in full size

Hi everyone.

I have a problem with synching a photos library on my parents’ Mac. Basically they just use one iPad and one iMac. The iMac is older already, I think it runs Sierra or High Sierra. All the photos are fully available on the iPad. On the Mac however, they show up as thumbnails, but when I want to open them full size, some photos show a broken link picture. All pictures seem to be fully available in the cloud, but I can’t get them to sync to the Mac.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

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Is the hard drive almost full?

I found the solution. Disk space was not an issue. The Mac runs on El Capitan while the iPad is fairly new (2018). El Capitan unfortunately is not capable of displaying the new efficient file formats like HEIC. Therefore Apple Photos could only display the thumbnails on the Mac, but not the full resolution picture.

The solution was to switch the iPad to take pictures in the legacy file format (jpeg). Now all pictures taken with iPad sync fine and can be viewed on the old Mac as well.

Thanks for your help.