Problems with Contacts

I have a friend that recently moved from Android to iOS. All of a sudden she is seeing contacts that are NOT her’s in addition to hers. I adivsed to first change her iCloud password. Has anyone heard about this?

Could it be that they are saved under another email that is also syncing to the iPhone. I will advise to open Contacts and in the top Left should see which contacts are from which email. If that is the issue, then go internet accounts and make sure she only sync with one specific account,


I do not think this is the issue but I will check. The contacts were just not recognizable by her and were on the odd/weird side, which is why I thought of an iCloud password hack. Thanks for taking the time Luis.

No problem. I would also advise to login into and see what is there. If is an iCloud hack then she should be able to see the weird contacts there.

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