Problems with Spillo (Pinboard client for mac)

I’m a pretty heavy user of Pinboard, and have used Spillo for years. Recently however, it has started repeatedly asking to reauthenticate despite the auth token being visibly set correctly in the settings. This started happening on two computers (same pinboard account, same token) at the same time, and I think that time was a bit after 10.15.3 came out.

I tried sending a bug report including logs to the developer, but never got a reply. The software hasn’t been updated for years, so I’m considering just calling it quits and starting to use a new client, but I can’t find a good one!

Any tips for debugging or fixing this?

A number of other apps such as Devonthink developed similar issues around the same time. The problem seems to be with macOs, not with the Apps. If you do not grant approval the first time it asks you to adjust security settings, there is no way to revise that short of a total OS installation from scratch.

If you find one, please post it here.