Processing and Deleting Drafts

Love the speed of the Drafts app for input and rock-solid sync, but find processing notes and deleting them to be cumbersome. In my experience, it is not possible to delete with the iPad keyboard, PLUS it takes a swipe and tap to delete each Draft. Is there a way to auto-delete Drafts once they are exported to Notes, OmniFocus, etc?

What is your workflow for this?

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You can specify what to do after success on a per action or per action group basis in Drafts, so I have several actions which will archive or trash the draft when they’ve been successfully completed :slight_smile:


Rosemary is onto something. Also, I am pretty sure there is a “mark all” button in the list over drafts. Take a closer look :slight_smile:


You can change the default swipe action to delete to eliminate the tap.



Thanks, all! Is that Drafts 4 or 5?

Both screenshots are of Drafts 5.

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To address the keyboard-to-delete issue you could write an action that does the delete and assign it a hot key.

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Another option:

If you are doing the processing on an iPad, you can slide over the draft list and pin it. Makes it easier. I would definitely recommend setting up per-action options for archive & delete. There is also the select option at the bottom of the draft list, where you can batch process drafts to the archive or trash.

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