Procreate lost all files!

I was using a borrowed iPad with an Apple pencil and testing Procreate. Created a drawing, went to show it to the owner of the iPad while holding the iPad in my left hand and it tipped slightly. I may have hit something with my thumb on the left hand side of the screen. Screen went all white and not only was my artwork completely gone but all canvases that the person had created were also missing. Tried to see if there was a screen capture but there was nothing. Nothing appeared to be backed up, not sure. System was set to save to icloud but nothing is there. The person will try and see if the art is saved once back at main location but I’m more concerned about how could the entire thing get deleted without any indication or verification that I wanted it gone?

Somewhat related, back on my older iPad without a pencil I created a quick sketch and tried to export it to Dropbox and I get an error “An unknown error occurred” but then if I click ok I get a message “Exporting” and then “Export successful” but nothing shows up in my Dropbox folder. My iPad is an iPad Air running rev 12.4.4 I cannot upgrade as my iPad won’t support the latest versions of SW.

Any ideas?

Any ideas on how to recover if possible?

Hopefully it was just a temporary iCloud disconnect. I have seen similar behavior in other apps, just long enough to start freaking out. Then the files reappear as nothing ever happened. Maybe refreshing the thumbnails and file listing or something, and in the process clearing the contents of the file browser?

Hoping for a total recovery!

As of this morning everything is gone. Not in iCloud at all. App bck but only hte original demo files still in it.

Certainly concerned about how that all happened. Makes me very wary about using it for artworks I make.

I did a search and found a couple of posts on the Procreate forums: - see the comment from “nickmiller980” and

Nevertheless it’s bad if some random finger swipe deletes all the content. I would suggest contacting the developers.

Yep been finding out more as I research, not good though.

However, the developer is in Tasmania, and there are significant fires. I don’t expect an answer for a while at best.

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