Productivity-The Monk and the Stock Trader

Readwise surfaced this quote so I thought I’d share it. I like it.

The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey

The most productive people work at a pace somewhere between the monk and the stock trader-fast enough to get everything done, and slowly enough so they can identify what’s important and then work deliberately and with intention.


Please tell me that the next sentence explains what that speed is and how to achieve it consistently — and that you’re about to post it.

I don’t have the book, I just like the quote. :grin:

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The next sentence is the header "The Three Ingredients of Productivity

It then goes on to talk about efficiency and manufacturing jobs and one of my favorite quotes
“Productivity is no longer about how efficiently you work. Productivity is about how much you accomplish.”

The 3 ingredients are Time, Energy and Attention and in the venn diagram 2 paragraphs below in the book the sweet spot is in the middle where they all overlap and that is where productivity happens.

Now is where my system breaks down. I have the kindle version so I could easily look up that text and find the spot where it is. I know when I read the book in May 2019. I can see my own highlights in the book. But my personal notes are handwritten and not linked so I can’t easily tell you any more about my thoughts. I’ve been considering putting my book notes, which are in a series of handwritten journals, into Obsidian so I can link and refer to them but I haven’t done it yet. I am seriously reconsidering it.


The way I have typically framed this is, there is a difference between being efficient and being effective. While both are important, it is far more important to be effective even if it requires inefficiency to be so.