Professional Dictation

Now that Dragon Dictation is no longer supported for Mac, does anyone know of an alternative? It needs to have the ability to learn words of a specialist nature. I am enquiring for a friend of mine who is a music teacher and needs to do reports that include composers names and musical terms. Thank you.

Right now, the only thing I can think about is putting the Dragon Software onto a VM running Windows on your Mac. It is pathetic, but I do not know any different solution. I do not know about any competitors on the Mac performing as good.

Catalina seems to improve the situation with built-in dictation, but I am not sure if it will work on a so very specialized level you described.

Catalina had the ability to use a specialized dictionary.

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Hey @MacSparky have you found a solution as of late? I know from the podcast you use dictation a lot.

While it is no longer supported, Dragon Dictate seems to still work OK on the Mac. I fired mine up last week and found that all worked fine. I did a few tests and found it to be much better than Siri dictation for both speed and accuracy. I appear to have v4.07 of the application.

I cannot say that Dragon Dictate every worked “OK” for me. I never got to the stage where the cursor did not suddenly and randomnly jump off to some other part of the text and start corrupting things. My latest version is 6.0.8.

Considering going down the Windows, Parallels approach too. Will wait and see what Catalina does first though.

Thanks for youjr helpful advice!