Project Management - vs Asana vs Basecamp

I am looking for thoughts or pros/cons for project management software.

“Project” mangement in this case refers to a small team of professional/administrative staff with a need to track document receipt, due dates, deliverables sent, incoming leads, and a client portal for tracking the project. Secondarily I would like to be able to track internal HR data such as employee paperwork and vacation schedules.

I am leaning toward because customizability is key to me and it seems to me on initial review that the combination of internal “rules” for workflows, integration with 3rd party software, and an API make customization a strength of But I am open to other thoughts.

Have you considered Kanban boards? Trello is a good option. Jira if you want more power but probably start with Trello first.

I have used Trello for a while for some unrelated projects - Trello is wonderful software but not capable enough in this case particularly for storing/searcing/tracking document workflows