Projecting a iPad screen onto an iMac

I am not sure if something like this is possible or would be productive, but is it possible to somehow project an ipad screen onto an iMac? In other words, could I use an iMac to mirror the ipad screen.

I am thinking that i could work on the ipad screen and see the work on the iMac screen. Is something liket this possible? Would it make sense? I am sure that smarter people than me have considered this already and explored the possibilities.

I saw something like this on the Elevation Lab website where they show you how you can draw with certain apps on the ipad and see them on the iMac. I don’t know if this is just for certain apps or if it could be the whole display.

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I think what you’re looking for is an Airplay receiver app like AirServer or AirParrot.


Couldn’t you just use Quicktime to do this? Set up a screen recording for the iPad (connected with a lightning cable) and just not start the recording? The iPad should show up in a nice resizable and positionable window.

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I use Quicktime when I want to be tethered because WiFi sucks, but if there is good Wi-Fi, I’ll use Reflector 3.

One thing the others haven’t established is whether you want to see iOS enlarged on your iMac or do you want to control macOS using your iPad? They’ve already advised on the former. If you want the later take a look at the app called Duet. I believe a premium subscription to them lets you use your iPad screen as a touch input for your iMac.

Bump! what are people using for this? I use Duet Display as a secondary display for my MBP. I’m searching for software that if I have a webinar that the iPad can be screen shared to the Mac to then get displayed to the other person.

If you use zoom, there is an option to present a iOS or android device to the call (if it’s plugged in)

QuickTime for webinar. Can have iPad on screen with something else if necessary, or just share the QuickTime window

I don’t see a QuickTime for webinar in the AppStore

Sorry. I mean when I do webinars I just use QuickTime to get my iPad onto my Mac for sharing

QuickTime on the Mac will mirror what’s on the iPad? So iPad doesn’t need any extra apps? Does this work over WiFi or Bluetooth?

Yes, QuickTime will mirror your iPad. It only works wired.
If you want wireless, something like airparrot will work, but I would be nervous about doing that for a webinar - I prefer the comfort of a cable for that :slight_smile:

Learned something new. Thanks for the link

Hope it works for you :grinning: