Pro's and Con's of Secrets and Minimalist

I’ve been using enpass for the past 6 months, but find it clunky and slow and am looking to change. I’ve narrowed the field to Secrets and Minimalist.

Anyone using either if these that can comment on the benefits and problems with these two apps?

Is there any reason to use an app like Minimalist, instead of Apple Keychain?

  • Using other browsers besides Safari
  • Quick access to secrets like passphrases or anything else that doesn’t autofill
  • Secure storage of notes, software keys, etc…

There are good reasons for third-party password managers. Although I wonder how much they’ll have to adjust as we move to a passkey future. I personally use keychain for everything, but I have an archive of old passwords from 1Password in Secrets.

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But, as far as I can tell from their Website, Minimalist isn’t capable of anything on your list…
At least not in a better or faster way than Keychain.

Yes, I have attachments and all kinds of notes and passwords and serial numbers etc, they are not suited to keychain.

I haven’t found on their website any informations, that they would be capable of working with this kind of files and informations!?

I have both apps installed and they do support those features.

I see third-party password managers as an important tool as the world moves to the WebAuthentication (WebAuthn) standard. It’s not going to happen overnight and I wouldn’t be surprised if standard passwords were still in use for another decade or two.

And businesses and families, etc. may always need ways to manage/share credentials and sensitive documents, etc.

Have you tried masecure?