Pros & Cons of Microsoft To Do

My list app of choice has been Wunderlist but it is going away on May 6 so I have been running Microsoft To Do along with Wunderlist for a couple of weeks to see if that is where I want to transition. To Do still has some glitches (if you have a daily task that is overdue for a couple of days the only place the completed tasks show up is in their list, not in Planned and customized repeats don’t always work) but the app seems to be getting better. The thing that would be a deal breaker for me is the inability to print. If they get that fixed, which I expect will happen since printing has now been added to Android, I’m pretty happy with it. My main complaints are not being able to change the order of tasks manually, the task deletion process is a pain and not showing the number of tasks for Today in planned. I like having different backgrounds for different lists and having date and list information below the task instead of to the far right or separated by list as Wunderlist does in Today. Anyone else have any pros or annoyences? If you are using Wunderlist, will you switch to To Do?

I think it’s a very attractive and potentially useful app, especially if you’re in the Microsoft ecosystem (it shares with Outlook Tasks). And it’s good for sharing/co-editing lists with people.

But you can share, not export. No text file output, pdf, OPML… nuthin’.

To Do would be better if it integrated with Microsoft Planner, which hooks into Teams.

But really, any to-do app is only as good as your usage habits. If you’re just dumping things into it and not using it to actively track what you are or need to be working on, it’s just another bucket of “stuff.”

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To Do actually does integrate with Planner now, kinda. If you get assigned something in Planner, it shows up on the Planned tab in To Do.

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True, but you still cannot send an email to To Do that then hooks into Planner. It’s really annoying there’s no way to get from email to Planner in one step.

As a task manager though, I have been using To Do for a couple months, and I find it’s just as decent a tracker as any I’ve used. I like flagging things for ‘my day’. That’s been very useful for me, and the ability to send email tasks is great. There’s no way to designate a start date is really the only annoyance I’ve encountered so far.

I imagine it will continue to get more integrated as time passes. Everything Microsoft has purchase heads into this route.

I’d like to be able to use it, but the absence of any real export kills it for me. I put together a list of things I needed to write about (that I’d otherwise throw into OmniOutliner) and was flummoxed when I saw that I couldn’t even Select All and copy/paste. You can’t even print to pdf. Maybe it’s fine if you want to live inside the app and never move the text somewhere else, but it’s fairly useless for my needs.

You know you’re in trouble when screenshot + OCR is your best bet… :cry:

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Bi-directional support would be awesome.

Does it allow showing the number of ‘today’ tasks (or something similar) as a badge on the home screen icon yet? That was a show-stopper for me when I had a look at it.