Prosecuting the Otterbox Defender case

Yes, legal pun intended!

I’ve used Otterbox Defender cases ever since I bought a friend’s iPhone 5 five years ago. I love them - I’ve never smashed a phone screen or scratched a phone in my life!

However, I was dismayed to discover that the Otterbox Defender case for my shiny new iPhone XR is screenless! There’s no clear cover over the screen! And since my screen protector isn’t edge-to-edge, the bezel on my phone is exposed! This is not acceptable!

Consequently, what other iPhone XR cases exist that have inbuilt screen protection and a belt holster for the phone? (On the latter requirement - I don’t trust putting my phone in my pocket - I’ve had my wallet fall out of my pocket on a bus once, and I don’t want the same to happen to my phone.)

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Update: Just bought one of these: 30% off for Cyber Monday FTW!

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This is interesting to hear about the screenless case for the Xr, I’ve gotten Otterbox cases every year as well, and always take the screen out of them! I’ve never liked them, so I put on a glass screen protector and then put it in the Otterbox.

For those wondering what the point of doing that would be: the integrated Otterbox case screen protector always seems to leave a slight gap between the screen and the protector, and sometimes made tapping the screen a exercise in frustration. By taking that out and putting on my own direct-contact screen protector, I eliminated the issue.

I wonder what some people do to their phones to need such a rugged case. I have a 6s in pristine condition that has only had a Rhinoshield bumper case on it. No scratches on the screen and the back is clean. Usually carry it in my pocket but use an iRing to mount it in the car. If I put it on a desk or table, I lay it face down where the bumper case keeps the screen off the surface.

I know a lot of my family uses more rugged cases because we grew up on a farm and can be pretty rough on things we use, just want to put our iPhones in something that can take a bit of abuse if they’re doing a lot of work outside, not worry about a drop or two, etc.

I tend to use Otterbox when I’m traveling and will be spending a lot of time outside having fun, fourwheeling, etc. Also, winter is upon us in the North/Midwest and slip and falls happen a lot!

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