Protecting your iPad

Hi all,

I have taken the plunge and have upgraded my iPad to the new pro. Whilst waiting for it to be delivered I have gone and picked up the Magic Keyboard and I must admit I did not realise that you couldn’t fold it back on itself… therefore, what do you guys do when using the Apple Pencil? Do you just unclip it and do your business?! How do you protect the back when using the pencil?!

Many thanks

i don’t have the magic, I have the folio. but people with the magic usually do this:

  1. put ipad into magic keyboard, like you see in all the apple marketing pics.
  2. Flip the entire thing upside down, so the keyboard has key caps facing you upside down and the ipad is between you and the keyboard.
  3. use apple pencil!

Woah!! That is mad… but totally logical! Thank you very much!

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Agree … it takes a second to take the iPad off the Magic Keyboard and put it back.

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That’s reassuring. Thank you. I am normally far too precious but will give this ago.

I love you strong and stable the Magic Keyboard feels.

Shame that is not in the UK… although not a great lover of the pencil holder…

I am in the UK. Ordered on their website and had it within a week. I was in doubt about penholder, but it actually works well, also when you bag the ipad