Protective Sleeve/Cover for MacBook Air

I think it is thirteen inches.

I’m looking for a cover for my Mac that has a reasonable price. Not sure if they include covers that stay on the machine.

I’m looking for recommendations, please.

What’s your aesthetic? I get the impression you might like something relatively unique. Etsy is a good place to search for this. Lots of good options here in the $20-50 ballpark.

I have the Apple leather one and it’s quite nice. Oh never mind, you said reasonably priced. :smiley:

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Great idea! I love Etsy! Thanks!

I would LOVE a leather case for it. Oh well…;o)

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I tried several „stay on“-plastic covers for my MBP and haven‘t been happy. Clunky, ugly, breaking really fast. Even the expensive incase hardshell broke very soon, and there was quite some wear on the textile material.

I‘m currently using a leather sleeve by Woolnut which is quite nice, and nicely padded so it actually protects the MacBook in my backpack. Not cheap, but better pricing than Apple as far as I remember.

To bad that those good old microfibre „Second Skin“ sleeves from Tucano, individually made for each model, do not seem to be a thing any more. Could only find total crap (no protection of MacBook from zippers, claims to be a perfect fit bit actually is not despite costing a ridiculous amount of many, really bad materials, and so forth) in that category lately. I‘d really prefer those (old days-sleeves) over fancy leather sleeves…

There are also some producers of apparently really good skins, which at least offer some scratch resistance. If that‘s your thing.


Since the Air is passively cooled, I’d avoid stay-on covers. I use this when travelling, ever since an Air received a slight dent in the corner in the overhead bin during a flight a few years back, despite having been in a bag with a padded laptop compartment. The rubber bumper around the permitted provides extra protection where it’s most needed. Incase 13" ICON Sleeve with Woolenex for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro - Graphite - Apple (CA)

Thank you! Do you now if the next one (ie a lil less expensive) would be ok. I basically just need it for home but you never know. Sounds like a terrific idea and not real expensive!!

Personally, I think that any of the ones on that page would be fine for around the house use :slight_smile:

I need something that will protect it as I have been known to drop things. I drop the iPads and they are fine. Not a hard drop but the laptop is heavier.