Proud (!) MPU Aficionado

I see in my profile that I have a badge indicating I have achieved ‘aficionado’ status by visiting the site for 100 consecutive days, and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that…

According to the badge page, I achieved this status back in June, and am joined by 217 other MPU forum members in this achievement. waves


Cool, that’s nice. I also have the same badge, not sure when I received it exactly. But awesome.

I got mine in January 20 apparently!

You now have a solid and auditable alibi for what you have done for the past 100 days … :grinning:


I stopped looking at the badges and statistics. Because sometimes I catch myself thinking: “Boy, oh boy, oh boy… What am I doing here?” :wink:

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I’m a devotee. 365 consecutive days. Also, I have visited 1,200 days, according to my profile.

Oh, boy.

Every once in a while I look at the leaderboard for MPU and other forums like this. My goal is NOT to be at or near the top.


I need to cut back.
I’ve spent 2.17% of my life on here since I joined in June 2018.


Shhh!!! @simonsmark don’t tell my employer. :joy::joy::joy:

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I hope you feel kind of good about it? Our goal for this site is to make it a safe place for tech-minded apple folk to gather away from the rest of the storms of the Internet. :wink:


I for one am probably spending too much time here but, this is the only “social media” outlet I allow myself. This is a wholesome educational space reflecting what the Internet was envisioned to be and what it ought to be.


I obviously don’t come here a lot, otherwise, it would be one of my “Frequently Visited” sites on Safari. On the other hand, that might not mean anything since it does list sites I went to once, 6 months ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly I do feel good about it. But, as with any online community, productivity, and hacking, it can become procrastinating rather than beneficial.

I was just thinking about how I use MPU like Twitter.

I can almost feel the pride surging through my veins!

I spend a lot of time here and like it here. It’s easy to dial activity up and down by choosing which threads to keep in tracking (m t to turn on and m r to turn off, defaults set in Preferences > Notifications and the sub-preference pages.)

I seriously believe the good manners and available help at this forum have an effect on the larger community.


It’s kind of like reddit, in that things are grouped by topic, rather than a stream of people’s work, snark, hopes, coffee orders, etc. Unlike (most of) reddit, everyone isn’t “12 years old.”
(No offense to 12 year-olds.)