Public beta 4 just dropped

I hope beta 4 makes my shortcuts app work again…
fingers crossed!


B3 was jankier than B2 IMO. The sharesheet had become unreliable. Turns out the sharesheet is one of the main thing I do on iOS.

Reportedly B5, the new developer beta, rearranges the sharesheet again.

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I totally agree, the sharesheet and in my case the shortcuts app are totally unusable in beta 3. (and have been since beta 1)
But that’s what you get when you use the beta :slight_smile:


After my experience last year, I swore this year I was not going to load the beta. This year, I did it anyway.

Oh, well. At least I didn’t load it on my iPhone and iPad this year. Just the iPad, which I use almost entirely for reading and social media, nothing really important.

Next year I definitely am not loading the beta. This time for realz!

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“Siri, remind me on June 10 to remind Mitch what he said about installing the beta!”


+1 for that siri reminder :joy:


I’m on PB2 on my iphone Xs. Didn’t move to PB3. Has anyone got any news about the effects of installing PB4?

I’ve used it for a few hours now, and so far it has been ok.

from my previously sent in bug reports:

  • Shortcut works better,
  • I can now do split view from a folder again (sort of) by closing the folder with the app selected. (so still not 100%)
  • Sharesheet is better, but still confusing a bit
  • password fill now works correctly again

There is some interface wonkiness in the, and that is new, but it does work.

so, still a bit rough, but better than v3

Thanks for the update

I played with iPadOS B4 for a couple of hours last night.

Based on that experience, I’m starting to think about putting the beta on my iPhone.

Or maybe I’ll be smart and wait. What’s the over-under on my being smart?

This is the first time I’ve ever done a beta release. The mouse support is buggy as…Can’t type certain letters once I enable mouse support on my iPad Pro.